Ozone generators Waeco by Dometic  are suitable for “anti-viral” treatments according to the Health Ministry indications.

500 mg/h and 1000 mg/h generators are able to produce a bigger ozone thickening than the one specified in WHO’s documents and Health Ministry Protocol  (protocol n. 24482 of 31/07/1996).

The MINIMUM time for the application on a car is 20 minutes for the 1.000 mg/h generator and 30 minutes for the 500 mg/h generator.

Together with the ozone treatment, we recommend  to combine the Biologic treatment using Probiotics in order to reduce the risk of re-proliferation of the bacteria flora and microbes after the anti-viral treatment itself.


Code 8885300105 – Ozone Generator  12 Volt  500mg/h, ideal for cars

Code 8885300140 – Ozone Generator  230 Volt  1.000mg/h, suitable for any space (cars, lcv, trucks, BUS, camper, offices)

Code 8887400018 – Aircon Ready Refresh (12pcs. / 150ml. packaging)

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Ozone is identified from the Health Ministry (protocol n.24482 of 31 July 1996) as a natural protection for the sterilization of spaces infected by virus, bacteria, spores, etc. and by acarus, insects, etc.